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Domestic Violence: Long Term Measures  | Community Legal Education

Domestic Violence: Long Term Measures | Community Legal Education

RESOURCES FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: (All Victims) Social Welfare Department Telephone: 2343 2255 (General enquiry) Website: (All Victims) Family Crisis Support Centre operated by the Caritas-HK Telephone: 18288 (24 hour hotline) Website: (All Victims) Harmony House: A women’s shelter which also offers a 24hr hotline and counselling for all victims. Telephone: 2522 0434 (24 hour hotline and shelter admission - Women) Telephone: 2295 1386 (24 hour hotline - Men and LGBTQ+) Website: (Women Only) Po Leung Ku Women refuge centres: Telephone: 8100 1155 (24 Hour Hotline) Email: (Wai On Home for Women) Email: (Sunrise Court) Email: (Dawn Court) (Women Only) Serene Court Refuge Centre: Telephone: 2381 3311 Website: (LBGTQ+) Rainbow of Hong Kong Telephone: 2769 1069 Website: (Lesbians) Les Corner Telephone: 5281 5201 (With Whatsapp) Website: This video series has been made possible with the generous support of Pro Bono HK DISCLAIMER: The information in these videos are for general information purposes only. It does not constitute professional advice, whether legal, financial or otherwise, and does not purport to be comprehensive or current at the time of your viewing. You should seek legal or other professional advice before acting or relying on any of the content. We do not accept responsibility for any loss that may arise from accessing or relying upon the information contained in this site. 免責聲明: 本短片中的信息僅作供參考。它不構成法律、財務或其他方面的專業建議。我們並不確保在你查看短片之時,資訊是全面或最新的。在採納本短片中任何內容前,你應該尋求正式的法律或其他專業建議。對於因瀏覽本網站,或採納當中所含之信息,而構成的損失,我們不會承擔任何責任。 Website: Donate Here:


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