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Make a Gift -In -Kind

If you have new office equipment or office supplies at home that you do not need, please consider donating them to Pro Bono HK. Please see below a list of regularly updated current needs at Pro Bono HK.


If there is an item you would like to donate to us, please contact us directly by clicking on the images below and emailing us the details of the item(s) to be donated and our team will contact you within a week to arrange for pickup or delivery.  

Please note that Pro Bono HK is in the process of obtaining our Section 88 charity status from the Inland Revenue Department of Hong Kong and therefore, unable to issue any donation receipts for tax purposes at the current time. We can however, issue a regular receipt for the amount donated.  Thank you for your understanding and thank you once again for your support.

Modern Printer

Office Printer

For use at Pro Bono HK Headoffice

Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner, Fan or Air Purifier

For use at Pro Bono HK Headoffice

office supplies

Office Supplies

For use at Pro Bono HK Headoffice, seminars and events locations

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